Sunday, February 06, 2005

Presence in Illness

This cold/flu season gives us an opportunity to take time to become aware of a deep life force experienced in the context of illness. Whether a minor or more serious illness, having to surrender to the body's inherent power to heal itself is the most humbling part of illness, to see the underlying strength and desire to live in the present. When I am lying in bed resting for hours as per medical advice, I begin to lose track of time. Future and past are blurred by my body's present-focused attention. More than on an ordinary day, I can see the sunlight dappling leaves on a tree in a carefully-orchestrated chaotic beauty and another tree past the branches in the distance, blown to move like ocean waves. A piece of furniture can begin to take on depth if we can observe it for its true nature in the moment. With awareness, illness can connect us to our higher nature and spiritual forces.

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