Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Transformation - How Change Happens - One

This blog is the first in a two part series on "how change happens".

One thoughtful description of "how change happens" was written in a book regarding underachievement. In Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement, Ken Christian writes a chapter that includes "Secrets of Change Revealed."

A few of these ideas that I have found true in my own experience are:

  • Change requires that you persist even when your efforts are having no apparent effect other than making you feel disrupted, inconvenienced, and bothered.

  • Change takes time, and early results are often unpleasant. Many attempts to change end because this is not understood or accepted. Change involves making adjustments to the existing system of thoughts and habits operating in the background of your consciousness, and you will have some temporary hell to pay for tampering with it.

  • Chaos and setbacks are proof that you are changing.

  • If you understand this, you will persist in the face of challenges that might otherwise discourage you.

  • Failure is necessary for learning.

  • You cannot change the past.

  • Change builds upon itself.

  • By making one well-selected change, you make another one more likely. ... Positive change thus creates two effects: along with a tangible improvement of some kind, you learn something about how to change.

  • Change requires that you become fully engaged for a period of contemplation, preparation, and decisive action, followed by continuing maintenance.

You may find some of these reflect your own experiences or that you have a different perception. How do you experience change? What are your lessons and knowledge of what works in your business or personal life to create change?

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