Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Transformation - How Change Happens - Two

This blog is the second in a two-part series on "how change happens".

The previous blog discussed several characteristics of how change happens from the book Your Own Worst Enemy.

In my coaching work, I have noticed several other elements that block transformation.

  • Attachment to being right or doing things a certain way.

  • Unwillingness to imagine other possibilities.

  • Negative beliefs about one's own abilities or purpose in life.

  • Fear of change.

  • Unexamined beliefs regarding how change can or cannot happen.

  • Unresolved issues in another area of life or work.

  • Ignoring inherent messages (intuition).

Similarly, there are several attributes that promote transformation.
  • Willingness to take on the unknown.

  • Faith and/or a positive explanation of the universe (spirituality).

  • Tolerance for a typical amount of discomfort.

  • Ability to "step outside" of typical behavior and thinking patterns (meta-level awareness).

  • Balance of receptivity and action.

  • Persistence.

Next time you are facing the challenge to change something in your work or personal life, you may find it helpful to consider what factors may be helping or hindering your ease of transformation.

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