Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On Worry

One of the sources of excessive worry, besides biological factors, is self-centeredness. (Perhaps you could say that self-centeredness is a form of excessive worry.)

Sadly, some societies seem to promote self-centeredness as a virtue. I am reminded of a poem by Chrystos that about a disease called ICOTU (I am the Center Of The Universe). Living in the U.S., many people, including myself, sometimes suffer from this affliction until there is a shift in spiritual outlook.

Common signs of self-centeredness are thoughts that appear similar to the following:

  • What am I getting out of this?
  • When will _______ just do what I want (often known as "the right way")?
  • I just wish that __________.
  • If only __________.
  • I only __________.
  • Because if he or she ___________, then I would _____________.
Sometimes what can help is the thought, How can this situation be a genuine benefit to someone else?, along with a belief that there is a greater purpose, meaning, or unseen system at work.
What are your spiritual explanations for how things happen and why?

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