Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spiritual Tasks

The result of meditation and humility can be an internal expanse of quietude - my friend used to say it was watching life like a beautiful piece of cinematography. In this expanse, a person can hear the spiritual assignments that one is being called to do. These tasks are not always magnificent - often, they may be tasks that simply serve as the next step. They may require courage to take on. They may be the kind of task that one procrastinates in doing. They are, ultimately, the tasks that would be full of regret if left undone in this lifetime.

Examples are:
- Finding forgiveness and making peace with a family member.
- Reconnecting with a long-lost friend.
- Telling the truth and making amends for a lie that affected someone(s) deeply.
- Doing something again that you love but once stopped doing in your life.
- Healing from a childhood trauma or secret.
- Acknowledging people who don't realize how special they are to you.
- Pursuing a passionate interest.
- Taking on a personal or professional challenge that you may be able to handle but always avoided.
- Making sense of your life and finding meaning in all of its miraculous and despairing moments.

Take a moment to consider how your awareness can be tuned in and your inner sea calmed. What spiritual tasks are you being called to do?

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