Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Alignment is a concept that can be used with both organizations and people - an indication of how wide the "integrity gap" may be between operating principles and resulting actions.
The Western view of the world (spirituality) is often divided between good and evil. This black-and-white outlook can create a tension within a person or an organization because of the imperfection of being.

As an example, fundamentally good people and organizations make compromises to their values -
a preacher may be teaching hatred, an environmental organization may have employees who drive cars, an adult child may refuse to care for his or her elderly parents. However, there may be something to be gained if there is the honesty to admit and acknowledge these compromises. Admitting imperfection and the existence of the grey zone can help to reduce the struggle of internal contradictions, while at the same time striving for alignment.
How often do your actions align with your values?

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