Friday, June 08, 2007

The Art of Not Accomplishing

In witnessing myself and other people in coaching over time, I've come to see the similarities in how people become more relaxed by not "doing" in their lives and learning to experience their lives instead. Like Tim Gallwey's books on the Inner Game, learning happens easily when people observe themselves, obtain feedback, and use it to naturally accomplish something without trying.

One of the most challenging aspects of coaching is to undo the tenacious hold that people have on themselves to instruct, direct, and guide themselves into better behavior. Not only is this often frustrating and ineffective, it can also create a sense of struggle, inadequacy and dissatisfaction. To believe and trust in one's natural ability to learn without trying is a graceful way to move through life. There is a natural movement towards skillfulness and wellness inside each of us.

What are you trying hard to do today that could be "not done"?

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