Friday, September 14, 2007

Finding the Center

There is a place of peacefulness inside - where you feel the most yourself, at one with the world, most alive in your being, most open to your self, others, and the world, a place of ultimate well-being. This is your center.

Being in this place, being centered, comes with a sensation. If you find yourself there from time to time, notice how it feels in your body, emotions, and mind. Cultivating an awareness of this center creates an associated memory to help you know when you are off or on center. It's like finding a familiar hill in a landscape, being able to know when you are "there" or
how far you've traveled from it. Spending a significant amount of time in this center, often accomplished by meditative practices and retreats, can build a strong desire to come back to this place, to come home when you feel lost or thrown off, which can be a powerful way to remain peaceful while facing life's challenges.

For those who are not familiar with the feeling of being centered, begin not by being still, which may be difficult, but begin by observing what happens. Just begin to notice the details - the exact shade of the sky in a given moment, what your loved one said this morning before you left, the shapes of a candle flame as it burns - begin to watch life closely and notice what you may see.

Where are you in relation to your center now?

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