Saturday, January 12, 2008


Have you ever wondered how something was able to happen in your life at the right time without your doing? "That was just what was needed right now!" Or, perhaps against all of your previous patterns and desires? "In the past, if I were faced with this situation, I would have always ___________, but this time I ________________."

Becoming open to grace allows this to happen more frequently, to be led towards new ways of being and acting through everyday miracles. Developing this openness takes practice, discipline, and awareness, much like what an athlete would do. In sports psychology, the optimal state of being is "the zone," an unconscious focus, without too much thinking but with complete awareness of the present, primarily through the senses. In this state, peak performance arises, often in a psychic manner of anticipating the exact shot or stroke needed.

In translating this to everyday life, practices that encourage the development of deep present, sensate awareness and to quiet the thinking mind can help to cultivate "the zone" in daily activities, akin to the experience of grace.

What daily exercise of the mind or body can be helpful to you in becoming more open to receiving grace?

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